Stormy Weather

Commands our attention

There is evidence that unprecedented and unexpected weather is showing itself across the planet – and we cannot ignore the storms within the Human population as well. Question: Are they related?

Who and what do we blame for the droughts in locations where water was once king? To hear the newscasters tell it it’s all about climate change due to global warming. No doubt, we can pin an award on fossil fuels and the methods in which they are removed from the Earth’s centers.

But there is more to Earth’s discomfort than the obvious. You see, everything in this Universe is related. Creator is the ultimate Artist! The One who plans His and Her many canvases, and colors the relationships between the elements that compose the portrait of Divine intention.

The Earth is a living being – much more than a lump of clay floating in the skies, rotating among other planets, shined on by a heat source we call the Sun. The Earth has a body, a mind and a soul – and she has feelings!

Think about it: How would you respond if some one was probing the center of your body with jackhammers, searching for the source of your life – your blood? It would be natural for you to scream – to lash out in an attempt to save your life. That is exactly what Mother Earth is doing right now! The result? Earthquakes, droughts, and deluges of water falling where very little was previously known.

Mother Earth is more than an individual. She is a family of cooperative spirits who rule the waters, the winds and climates, the deserts and mountains. These spirits respond and harmonize to the emotional impact of Mother’s responses. For Mother and her spirit family the most devastating and painful impact is warfare – Humans against Humans – conflicts that cause death and intense suffering.

As we live and breathe – moment to moment (and for centuries) the cries of migrating Human individuals and families (running in search of peace and safety) have filled the air. Where songbirds once harmonized with the buzzing of bees and the chirping of crickets, sorrow’s song is currently being chanted.

All life on Earth is related. Peace and well-being depend on mutual respect between all species. That means every level of life is commanded to cooperate. All the colors from Creator’s Brush are expected to participate in the fullness of Creator’s intention!

So the question becomes; how can an individual participate to bring peace and fullness to the Canvas of Creator’s intention? The answer is: Do exactly what comes your way! Be kind, inventive, generous and compassionate wherever you find yourself – and Love whatever finds you. You also have the artist’s brush. Take a breath, let the teardrops fall and the picture will unfold. Wherever you are, you will know what is called for. Your part is vital to the outcome. Every brushstroke influences the emerging picture!

We must not become weary or discouraged by the obvious. Know that in the shadow of what seems impossible is a ray of Light ready to join forces with each person who is willing to express respect and Love. Love creates rainbows that can lift all life into an era of cooperation. Just a few tender actions and words can open the door to a drama – an elegant and joyful entrance into wonder that may not seem imaginable in this trying moment.

You see, it’s Birth! Painful in the moment but unbelievably rewarding! As Love touches Love – Life is born anew!

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

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The Human Race

Where are we going

And how fast will we get there? And where is there?

Today, while listening to the radio, I was informed that there are plans designed and funded to take a company of Humans to Mars – with the intention to colonize the Red Planet.

The plans are quite articulate, complete with intentions to warm the Martian atmosphere with solar shields that will melt Mar’s icy surface thus creating surface water. And that is only a beginning! Intentions to mine asteroids of precious metals such as gold, platinum  and iron are among very imaginative and even more fundamental ideas to create a suitable living space for a future generation of Human Beings.

One wonders how many billions of dollars are intended for such an endeavor . . .  and why? Perhaps for survival of the Human Race?

Has anybody looked around at what is happening on the Mother Planet we currently reside on? We are seeing dramatic droughts in once lush wetlands (often resulting in tremendous wildfires), at the same time damage is occurring on other coastlines from drenching rain storms with resulting floods, tornadoes and mud avalanches.

The Great Lakes are three feet higher than previously recorded – some locations are drowning – while others suffer heat strokes.

The question becomes what is the cause? Many blame global warming and that is a real factor. And there are many elements responsible for our global climatic chaos. Blame it on gas powered machines – on plastic in the landfills and animal waste from farms and ranches – all are contributors. However . . . we then leave out the the most base and  destructive reality, Human suffering, Human anger, prejudice – and most of all the atmosphere created by war.

With disappointing results related to Mars (and other early planetary experiments in this local Universe), planet Earth was created to house and provide for the developing Human child. Earth is the Mother Planet of this Universe. She is a thinking, feeling, creative being. Her rivers flow in our arteries, Her clay beds and mountain tops are the bones that support our muscles and our vital organs are the same as Her center.

Mother Earth is sensitive, emotional and affected by Human activities. When women are raped, children are tortured, blood is spilled from the sword of an opponent, when the sounds of war machines drown out the songs of birds and the rustle of their wings no longer brush the clouds – Mother responds. The result? Global warming and erratic weather patterns – fires – floods – storms – and more to come.

When my Hopi friend Grandfather White Bear was still present on this Earth he often addressed the issues of climate change – and he liked to talk about Mars. According to White Bear, “Human Beings once lived on Mars and another planet named Maldec. Both were destroyed when Humans failed to respect the sensitive  nature of these planets and when they failed to respect each other – which resulted in wars.”

White Bear went on to say that we came to Earth following the destruction of Mars. He said we migrated the surface of Earth four times, leaving behind evidence proving our historical presence on places like Easter Island. Each of these early migrations ended in war resulting with planetary destruction.

“Humanity must learn from past mistakes! Stop warring against other Clans and societies! Enjoy the diversity Great Creator loves to create! Respect each other! Build beautiful parks and eat corn from many gardens – sing a Love Song to Mother Earth – dance to the drumbeat of Her heart. This time you are not allowed to destroy this planet or She will destroy you!”

“There is a new migration before you! The Fifth Migration opens before you! A bridge to peace and happiness is only a breathe away. The Bridge is constructed and ready to carry you to The Fifth World. All that is required from you is the song The Master sings, “Love one another even as I Love Thee.”

“As to Mars? Been there done that – throw the t-shirt away.”

I do not pretend to be a spokesperson for the Hopi Nation. I am simply a storyteller attracting other storytellers. For many years the words of many ancient cultures have guided my path. The truth that I hear from them speaks to Oneness. That there are many Universes – all diverse and unique according to our Creators enjoyment. That we are here on Earth to learn from past mistakes – to go on to recognize beauty, the inventiveness of the Human mind and the power of Love – that the core of Love is respect for all life!

Rather than spending our time, money and ingenuity attempting to find another planet to replace this one, let’s fund Earth’s restoration – catch excess flood waters in reservoirs, build canals to drought areas and water the desert and dry forests. It won’t cost as much as fighting floods and fires – and certainly not as much as attempting to civilize Mars.

Come! Let us share our gifts, our smiles, our tenderness and our wisdom. Let’s take the hand of our neighbor and cross the Bridge to The Fifth World – let’s remember Love and forget the past.

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

PS – Hopi Grandfather White Bear’s book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria is available at

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To Be Born Again

And enter a new reality

Recently, the news media repeatedly informed their audiences that fewer American individuals and families currently attend Christian church services. The question they explored was this: Are American citizens less religious in this day and age and does this mean there are more agnostics and atheists than ever before?

News moderators are publicly speaking about the fact that in the USA there are many more faith-bound ways in which to worship than there were in times past. Their conversation leads them to contemplate that the influx of immigrants from many different lands exposes the public to Buddhists, Muslims and the various ways that other cultures worship – that there are now more choices available. No doubt these are valid observations and there can be no doubt that globally, tremendous shifts in consciousness are appearing in all cultures.

Yes, there are differences between religion and spirituality. Religion exposes us to rules for living and the manner in which we must worship. That works for some and causes them to find their spirituality within those rules. Others, feel that true spirituality is a process of exploration, discovery and freedom of personal choice.

We live in a time when we are exposed to many freedoms that were previously unavailable. The internet has created global exposure to many cultures, ideas and even fantasies about who the Real Human Being actually is. Many feel a hunger to explore a belief that there is no ceiling that closes in the Human imagination.

As we explore the heavens above with the Hubble telescope and through our stations in space we also hunger to know the Heaven within. This may bring us to call upon our intuition rather than the institutions that make life-choices for us.

Like so many, I am grateful for the life I have been given and everyday brings new understandings. What sticks with me is Christ’s message, “Love each other even as I love thee.” To me that statement means what it says, “Love each other!” And to honor our differences, respect the life we have been given and be kind. Only then will we remove the threat of war – only then will come Peace and plenty for All.

Only then will we be born again into the arms of Christ, the wisdom of Buddha and the truth of Mohamed. Only then will we honor all pathways to spirituality. It may come tomorrow or it may take many generations of negotiations – but “Life More Abundantly” will come!

My friend, Hopi Grandfather White Bear, speaks of many earthly, mental, emotional and spiritual migrations that the Human community has entered into and progressed through. Each, putting one foot before the other – reaching out for self-identification, attempting to understand communal commands, and all the while hoping to follow Creator’s Law – yet many will go on like children playing a game of marbles – many times rolling the dice rather than taking responsibility.

Can there be any doubt that Humanity is in a migration suited to our times. While we search the stars for a way beyond Human troubles and planetary warming the answer is right where we live!

Honor it all! Even the pain and suffering and recognize it is a part of the birthing process. Once we are born again we must migrate through the maze that life presents to us. An era of surprises and new experiences is there for us to reach out to, to touch, to taste and to move toward. If we open our eyes in the direction of the mysteries of tomorrow, and when we open our hearts to our fellow travelers, we will enter new lessons that will educate us in the ways of a new world. Or as Grandfather White Bear puts it “The Fifth World awaits your presence! Come! Come now!”

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

PS – Hopi Grandfather White Bear’s book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria is available at


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Life beyond death and suffering

As we move past the symbolism of Easter and Passover we are reminded of the power and truth of these two sacred holidays. They both call us to leave those mental prisons – the walls that separate people into categories.

We are living in an age when very little can be hidden. Through our media and the internet we know of the earthly life conditions for those who live thousands of miles from the place we call home. We are continuously reminded of confinement, slavery and the cruelty of those who do not express love.

Just as Jesus suffered the Cross so too is mankind – we have become a suffering society bound by war and terrorism that cannot be denied. But let us remember that beyond the Cross is Resurrection – a time to move into the incoming Light of absolute Compassion and a time to reestablish the companionship of our Brothers and Sisters from the Starry Realms.

There are no small parts! Every kind gesture, every smiling and friendly hello count and support those Masters of Light that bring the science, the wisdom and the knowledge that will turn the deepened dark-night of the soul into the Son-Shine of a new day – an era of dramatic radiance caused by a silent majority (soon to be heard), to be known by the God-Song singing in their soul. This is who you are. This is who I Am.

Hopi Grandfather White Bear continues to be a friend to me (although he passed into the Light a number of years ago) he still visits. He often speaks of our migration from the stars, to inhabit other planets (even Mars) before making four migrations through Earth’s environment. The evidence of the migrations of developing Humanity stand as reminders in places like Easter island with its ancient faces craved in stone to the crafted temples of the Maya.

Each migration brought us to a consciousness that comprised a World created by the thoughts of people. To this point-in-time we have inhabited Four Worlds – each ending with the self-imposed crucifixion of the people of that era to be followed by their resurrection into a better reality. White Bear tells us that soon we will be moving into the Fifth World, an era of higher consciousness – one where compassion is the natural condition of the Human heart.

Will we fall again? Yes, for we are young and foolish. But each fall is not a fall from God’s Grace but another opportunity to be educated – to rise to greater heights than we experienced when we were even younger and more foolish.

Resurrection is what Jesus speaks of when He talks about being Born Again! With each birth and rebirth we move closer to the true divinity of the full-grown Human.

So we are on a bridge to ever elevating consciousness – this time to enter the Fifth World on our way through four more elevations, finally reaching The Ninth World where our journey into the worlds of choices will be completed.

Will everyone complete these cycles? Yes, but not all at the same time. To complete the process of ever-ascending Worlds one must graduate one level at a time. It’s all about learning to really Love – to feel it, express it and choose it – totally! But we cannot Love and keep it for ourselves. We must invest it in others – in Mother Earth and all creatures.

We all have something to give to others. For some it is as simple as a smile, for others it may be knowledge, helping out as a volunteer, lifting the other side of a heavy burden, becoming a role model or a teacher and for those who can, investing time and money into public works. This kind of living brings us through the gate and into a better World.

Thanks for being who you are!

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

PS – Hopi Grandfather White Bear’s book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria is available at

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There Are No Small Parts

In the Human journey to compassion!

Yes! Compassion is a journey! And when we get to our destination we will be fully grown and completely Real.

“What?” You ask. “You mean I am not already real?”

The real truth is we will be as real as the stars above when we come to realize we have been sent to Earth to be challenged by all those things that attempt to steal the starlight that composes the God-Song we were created from. When Humanity recognizes its true Divinity We will enter the fullness of our Light knowing that God lives where we live. We don’t need to die to get to Heaven – we need to live Love to know it.

How do I know this? Because it is communicated to me daily. Why me? The truth is every Human person has the truth of their being and the music of Spirit dancing in their souls. But it requires listening. Listening for the ring of the telephone that has been installed in our hearts.

To hear that siren-call we must tune into our hearts and tune out the static-negativity that is rampant in our global society – a society composed of many cultures, ethnic groups, religions, governments, political philosophies and varying levels of  haves and have-nots. And let us not forget the Silent Majority! Those who bring the tools that will reveal a New World – a safe World where Love answers every question.

The noise of meanness, selfishness, prejudice, anger and amusement at other peoples pain drowns-out the God-Song that is our true nature – and the music of compassion and the passion for real Love.

There is a powerful debate going on relative to the right to express one’s opinions and ideas via Free-speech. Not too long ago, the issue of Free-speech and the freedom to express opinions through the press (particularly satirical cartoons) came to public attention when in response to a satirical cartoon published by a Paris, France magazine, one  denigrating Mohamed, was violently responded to by Muslim radicals.

With the privilege of Free-speech also comes responsibility. There is a vast difference between being funny and making fun of someone else. To criticize something that is treasured by another – to make a joke out of something that is sacred to others never brings happiness – there is always a price to pay. “What we put ‘out there’ always returns to sender.” Radicals do not comprise the whole of Humanity. They are a minority. When we harm another we injure ourselves. Again, what we put into motion always returns to sender.

In this day and age, the world scene paints a tragic picture! The brutality against helpless victims (ones who do not invite retaliation or punishment) is worldwide. It certainly grieves the heart and can make one feel helpless. But there is hope!

Compassion is a journey – the vehicle one travels in is kindness. Along the way our smiling friendliness, our caring contribution to the community and our willingness to serve the Greater Good brings the Peace we seek.

The most powerful prayer for peace is centered in personal kindness. Self-respect comes and lives in us when we express respect for others. Do we want war and suffering to end? It won’t end by retaliation – by sending troupes to beat down an enemy. War will end when we use our ingenuity to make others happy, thus creating an atmosphere that can change the attitudes of radicals, thus creating an atmosphere that brings choices previously unavailable.

The entire Universe is governed by the Law of attraction. When we live Love, the God of our Fathers and the God of our Future responds by bestowing confidence in and the recognition of the beauty that surrounds us, thus allowing grace and glory to live in us!

All that is required to attain peace and plenty for all is to recognize the God within and the God in others. Yes, Compassion is a journey – just step on the path and let the Human Race ‘Move On Up To The East Side’.

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

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Knocking At The White House Door

Dear Mr. President

I was born in 1933. During my young years my father worked for the Work Projects Administration. He was among millions of previously unemployed individuals who were employed by the government to build bridges and roads, they created beauty through public parks and aided education by constructing schools. We were poor but we survived and our family’s dignity was preserved.

In today’s world, America’s leaders are deciding to take food stamps away from those who are considered able-bodied but chronically unemployed. Does anyone think it is intelligent to create more anxiety among those who are already financially stressed? Are we interested in providing reasons for crime?

If food-stamps are removed from those who are considered able-bodied then the government must replace them with jobs! Our bridges are deteriorating and so are roads. Why not clean up properties that are less than livable – oh and let’s not forget Colorado and the reconstruction of storm scenes across this continent. Let’s employ the unemployed and restore personal dignity and self respect – the qualities that make good citizens.

With American ingenuity, can we create a place for returning vets who are often found jobless and homeless – feeling so devalued that suicide is contemplated – and often acted upon. Why not train them to be an army for the betterment of this country. How about educating them as inspectors for dangerous chemical storage plants so that another toxic spill into our precious rivers and lakes never happens – ever again!

Why not create teams to oversee the health of our waterways and the lands that give us a place to leave our foot prints. And rather than spending billions of dollars fighting mega-fires caused by drought and many more dollars to rescue flood victims – why not create a system that will transfer excess waters to irrigate drought areas – thus a win/win situation for taxpayers and the health of our climate. Has anyone ever calculated what the smoke from these huge fires does to the atmosphere – and what flood waters do to fields meant for growing our food supply?

I am an 81-year-old woman – if I can see solutions to some of this country’s problems then why can’t our political leaders? In fact, if politicians placed their energies and the vast amount of dollars spent to get elected to benefit Humanity, they might discover how good it feels to invest in the well-being of their fellow citizens – while creating a better, safer future for their own families – their children and grandchildren. They would be elected because of the quality of their generosity and their integrity.

We are the role models for the kids in the world – what are we teaching them? Are we showing them how to take care of this planet – empathy, compassion, truthfulness, and are we teaching them these qualities – or how to bless the reputations of others?

I pray this letter reaches you. America must now come to be a role model for the entire world. Higher taxes won’t do it and neither will squabbling politicians. But the vision of our forefathers and the compassion of today’s leaders could make this entire world a place of peace and prosperity.

I cannot imagine how difficult your job must be – but you are a “First” among men – one chosen to make the impossible possible.

With Respect,

Kaih Khristé King

Author and Founder of

The King’s Bridge

nonprofit corporation

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Live Long And Prosper

Life never ends and prosperity awaits our acceptance

We salute Leonard Nimoy as he leaves our sandy shores for greener pastures. And as we do we recognize all those who have traveled the rainbows before us, leaving behind knowledge and truth that continues to enhance the reality we live in.

The famous ‘Vulcan’ salute Nimoy (as Spock) introduced to us in the Star Trek television series actually comes from Hebrew worship ceremonies and from the Hebrew language referring to the feminine aspect of God – the Shekhinah – the part of God who resides among us here on Earth. The salute speaks – saying, “Live Long And Prosper!” God only wants our happiness for God is Our Creator and also The Created.

According to some beliefs, the Shekhinah is referred to as The Holy Spirit among us. And there are those who believe Shekhinah is a universe that is developing within the the heart of Humankind.

Many signs have been left for our observation – signs indicating that a long time ago ancient civilizations preceded the Native Americans as we know them today. There is archaeological evidence of the presence of what has been assumed to be ancient Egyptian artifacts – also rock-writings and paintings that show what is thought to be Hebrew letters translating to Yod Hey Vau. However, Hopi Grandfather White Bear said these ancient symbols and artifacts were brought to the Americas by the Atlantean and Lemurian societies.

The salutation (Name of God) Yod Hey Vau is still spoken and chanted in some of our Native American populations. Evidence of the presence of very ancient people remind us that we (Humans) are more than we seem to be – and more than we know.

I cooperated with Hopi Grandfather White Bear to produce the book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria. White Bear has passed into the Light now but I am happy to say I enjoyed a long and enlightening friendship with him while he was present on this Earth.

He told me that Lemuria and Atlantis were regions in the Outer Universe – Atlantis representing intelligence while Lemuria was all about love. These societies were brought to Earth as an experiment – the answer to the question, “Can love and intelligence come together and become wisdom?”

White bear said, “Unfortunately, after many eons of time the experiment failed. Atlantis went on to populate Egypt and eventually took creation into their own hands – experimenting with forbidden fruit, thus creating creatures outside the Divine Plan. The Lemurians forgot love. They began to quarrel and entered into a split society – those that lived by Creator’s Law and those who became lawless.

Certainly we can see these are dangerous times we live in today. With the onslaught of computer games depicting aggressive activities as everyday events – the stimulation of negative and warlike emotions crowding out tenderness and compassion – with comic-book superheroes as aggressors dominating the thoughts of those who were once innocents. So much that is being communicated to the younger generation of expressing Human Beings is this, “Find prosperity – anyway you can – and use it to end life.” We cannot deny that Humanity is experiencing global unrest – that there is great concern over global weather patterns that are dramatically shifting.

With the end of the Mayan Calendar, many prophets of our time anticipated the end of this world in 2012 They forgot the God-given prophesy, “Live Long And Prosper.” We are assured, “As one phase ends another begins.” We are in a new calendar or as Christ reminds us, “A time to be born again!”

Mother Earth is a breathing, living being. With the assistance from her Sister Shekhinah she is giving birth to a new nation of souls. Birth cannot be avoided or sidestepped. Mother’s womb has opened. As a nation we have entered an era of new beginnings – of unknown adventures and a time to move out of an era of hard knocks to graduate into a world of amazing science and tender compassion while singing the Love-song of the Spheres.

The emergence of this new child is already in progress. The precious head is smiling into a new world. Yet, the body is deep in the birth canal experiencing labor pangs while being forced to move into unfamiliar territory. This is why it is so important that those with eyes to see into the opening reality express Christ Consciousness into the whole of the body of Humanity, particularly that part of us that remains pressed and pushed in the deep and darkened tunnel of rebirth.

When released from yesterday’s agenda (those who cannot let go of harmful thoughts and aggressive behavior) they will be carried to an atmosphere of healing and will be educated in the ways of tenderness and appreciation – to then begin a new and more mature society.

More about ancient Lemuria and Atlantis in future blogs.

Live long and prosper! Live well and know Creator’s Law. “Love each other even as I Love thee!”

[The above mentioned book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria is available through]

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

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