Shining the Light on Cultural Diversity

The Legend of God’s Garden

Will you take a stroll with me through a field blooming with wild flowers?

As we walk among violet-blue lupine, orange poppies, yellow mustard and white baby’s breath, we breath the perfume of variant sweet fragrances. We laugh as soft grasses touch our bare ankles. 

Come! Let us enter the forest just ahead. How beautiful the aspen, the oak and the pine so fragrant. In the trees are all manner of winged creatures – doves and bluebirds, a sleeping owl and there up in a high branch sits a golden eagle.

“Would you like to take a ride with me,” the eagle cries as he swooshes to our sides. “Get on board and hang on!” It’s goose bump time as Eagle rises through tree branches with his two giggling passengers. We fly past meadows of waving wheat, over high mountain tops and low valleys. “There is our destination,” cries Eagle, as he swoops down and sets us on an island in the middle of a great sea.

Standing at the shoreline we see a very large turtle swimming toward us. “Get on my back and hurry up about it!” He grumbles. Riding on his massive diamond patterned back, we hang onto the edge of his shell. The water is very choppy and we fear we may fall off. After many dips and splashes we come to a cave in the side of a large rock outcropping. Turtle glides inside where the waters are calm and the temperature is cool and damp. “Go sit on that ledge. And hurry up! I have things to do!” 

We slide off Turtle’s back into knee-deep water. There are mussels clinging to rock edges, bright pink-orange shrimp tickle our toes as they scurry about and little silver fish touch our bare legs.

"Over here!” A voice so sweet we thought it might be an angel. “Over here!” Our eyes now adjusted to the dim light inside the cave we turn toward the sweet sound to see a beautiful mermaid sitting on a shiny silver stone throne.

“Come over here and sit near me,” she cooed.  The rocky ledge is cool beneath our wet limbs.

“May I speak frankly?” Mermaid asked. We nod our heads. “The Gods of the Heavens above and the angels and elementals of Earth have called you here. For it is the hour when Humankind must make some changes. I will say this as gently as possible but you must listen and you must tell your Human family it is time to stop. Stop your childish behavior and grow up. Will you listen and then become messengers to your kind?” We are speechless but we nodded our heads.

“Good then. Today you began with a walk through fields of wild flowers. Did you see how diverse they were, each with special qualities that make the whole field beautiful? Then you entered a forest with many different trees and unique creatures – but each life form makes the forest what it is. The many make the fullness of the One. And here in the seas we are many creatures, swimming and flying, crawling and leaping, all kinds and yet we form one picture in God’s eye.”

“Humanity was created to please God just as all creation and its variant forms and styles is created to please the Creator. Man is the only creature that kills for the sheer pleasure of it. Man is the only creature that abhors the differences he sees in other human beings. Here in this watery cave the shrimp do not suffer because the fish swim above him, for in his soul he knows he is a part of the sea and the sea is who he is. And please do not think shrimp or fish do not have souls.”

“Humans must now stop all wars or suffer the consequences of their actions. They must stop polluting the seas, the lands and the atmosphere! But more importantly, they must clear their bigotry and prejudice against each other and replace it with appreciation and respect. This is not a choice. It is a command!”

“Humanity is one of God’s Gardens! The blue eyes, the green, the hazel, brown and black – all God Designed – perfectly! The black skin, the brown, the yellow, red, blue and white – and all shades in between – all God Designed – perfectly! Every religious order, every culture and all those in between – all God Designed – perfectly!”

“Humanity must now become humane! Appreciate or depreciate – there is nothing in between. This is “The Beginning” and it is the end.”

“End all warfare! This is not a request! The only things to be conquered are selfishness and greed which are the fathers of perdition.”

“Your salvation is at hand. The hand that reaches out to help another, the heart that opens up to touch another, the eye that looks upon another and only sees beauty – this is more than salvation! It is Divine! It is Life!”

“Love your life! Love each other! Love it all!”

Given through Kaih Khristé King


P.S. The above is a simple little story given by Spirit to help us think about our lives, our conduct and to recognize that whatever our nationality, ethnicity or spiritual beliefs we are all created by the same Creator. Under our outer appearances we are all the same and we all deserve peace and well-being. We are all born and we all die – it’s what we do in-between that gives us life. 

The fields of flowers do not see diversity they only know they are “The Field.” The forest is simply “The Forest” and the sea is “The Sea” and all it contains is all that it is.

It has been our Human nature to point out our differences rather than our mutual elegance. But at this moment, we are entering an era when diversity shall come to be known as the convergence. A time when we will know ourselves in each other.

About Kaih Khristé King

Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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