Warren Buffet Bridge Builder

Warren Buffet, legendary investor, philanthropist and one of the world’s wealthiest men, shocked the financial world by stating that the wealthy should pay more taxes to support America. His statement that his secretaries pay more in taxes than he, is a truth most of those on the top rung of the ladder do not want made public … especially by one of their own. It is said the richest 400 Americans own more wealth than half of the country’s population. A valued part of the American Dream is wealth but it must not come at the expense of the greater good.

Here’s the reality: this house we call the United States is top-heavy. While the majority of American kids are asked to sacrifice education, the wealthy have the opportunity to send their children to any fine university, anywhere in the world. All children should and could have the same opportunity. While millions of American children have empty bellies and cry themselves to sleep at night (knowing there will be no breakfast in the morning), those at the top of the ladder are limitless in the choices their wealth affords them. All people should and could have the very same opportunity.

The American Dream is top-heavy! Here is the problem: If the roof of the House of Humanity is top-heavy the structure will crumble. If the architects of the American Dream could see the economic imbalance and the current condition of the millions of American citizens who form the foundation of this country, they would roll over in their graves. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. Hey guys! If the foundation crumbles the entire house will fall and shatter! That is the reality … it isn’t rocket science. To save this House all must share in responsibility. All must share!

People such as Warren Buffet are building bridges over troubled waters and are changing the course of the river of world attitudes. There are magnificent People with grand ideas, fabulous projects and able teams willing to manifest a safe world of peace and plenty. But all too often the media ignores what they have to offer, and instead point their cameras and microphones toward grief and chaos.

This is not a tirade against the wealthy but an idea for their greater happiness. Can you imagine a world with no prisons because envy, jealousy, fear and despair do not exist? Can you picture a world of satisfied Human Beings sculpting their lives and painting their futures with rainbow colors … a place and an atmosphere of unconditional Love?

Once long, long ago, before cave men and competition, we were the Atlanteans. We lived in perfect harmony. We were many islands of great beauty; each honoring the art of creativity. Life and living was considered art and individuals designed their lifestyle in harmony with the greater community. Envy and jealousy did not exist for each person chose what he or she desired for their work and play.

For example: one man may choose to live in the mountains, in a simple cabin he builds with his own hands. Communing with nature and the creatures he lives with brings him immense satisfaction. Another man may fancy a city job, coordinating the activities of society, while another may enjoy delivering food to scientists who are joyfully exploring micro worlds. A woman may choose to be a teacher, a mother, an executive, a scientist or a socialite who fancies designer gowns and wears a diamond in the center of her forehead … and she is free to change her mind and trade places with a local chef. Class distinction did not exist. The point is, this is a society that blends and never bends … a people of many colors and ethnic patterns … but one culture. Atlantis: a great collage of many mediums and brushstrokes, colors and hues, each respected and working in right and Divine order.

Atlantis fell because competition entered the picture. Greed followed closely behind. People ceased creating lives of value and valued wealth instead. I want replaced I give. Corruption entered the scene, tainting science, politics and even family life. Prisons were built. Atlantis fell!

American is Atlantis returned. And we need not fall. We can do it differently this time by building bridges to sanity … to compassion, caring and sharing. There is heart in the Heartland! It is every person’s responsibility to make the needed changes, give what we can and be who we can be.  It isn’t just up to the wealthy, it is every person’s job to cooperate and recognize Humanity as a community … one that cares.

In the New Atlantis we will rise into the American Dream. The Hopi and Tibetans say we have left the destruction of the Fourth World and have entered the Fifth World. They say, regardless of what things seem to be, we are crossing a Bridge into a better World. They say don’t stop or linger but “Keep Going.” Remembering that if we don’t keep going we won’t get “there.” And traffic will build up behind us impeding progress. Keep going, while staying really present in the moment, eyes straight ahead.

The Hopi also say we must build bridges between the seen and unseen worlds. The Universe has a team prepared to help us attain our goal of peace and plenty for all. The bridges we build are as simple as willingness, acceptance and surrender to the greater good. The pattern of bridges to The Fifth World has been mapped out by Great Spirit. By reaching out our hands to help our neighbors we will cross the bridges before us. Together we will reach The Promised Land where Love abides and equality is known.

Kaih Khristé King

About Kaih Khristé King

Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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4 Responses to Warren Buffet Bridge Builder

  1. Becky Prante says:

    I believe it is easier for those who have a little to share for they understand need, and that what is truly valuable cannot be bought and sold, but is to be shared. Hopefully, the tide is turning. Here are links to Mr. Buffet & Bill Gates site, The Giving Pledge as well as The Hilton Foundation. http://www.hiltonfoundation.org

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