Purchasing The Presidency Of The USA

Rather than investing in Humanity.

Is anybody embarrassed, astounded, amazed  or even shocked at the conduct of those politicians who desire (above all) to become the next president of the USA? Or is it just me?

Is anybody pissed off at the conduct of those who choose to spend more than millions of dollars to post negative ad campaigns tearing at the reputations of men and women who desire the same office?

While the public focus is on bullying among American children our politicians show our kids how to do it. They crucify the character and reputations of other candidates and then expect respect and good conduct in the schoolyard. Huh?

Meanwhile, candidates blast us with how they intend to cut the deficit by removing benefits from young people’s education  . . . the very ones who are the future of this planet and her people. Oh, and let’s not forget the elderly, the poor and disabled.

These candidates spend fortunes bullying, speaking in poor taste and making promises to lobbyists and others who invest and support behavior that is unconscionable, while they tear away at the fabric this nation was founded on. Can we trust such a candidate (one who adjusts his truth and integrity according to the moment), to be honorable in the role of president?

Some will say the only way to become president in the high-tech world we live in is to feed the media (and the people) hot sauce. I disagree! Picture this: Let the candidate for the presidency of the United States win the position by taking the moneys from the Super Pac’s donations, and create with those millions, programs that support the young, the elderly, the poor and disabled, thus making America a safer, happier nation. Crime is created by boredom and desperate need. Let’s give our people something to live for and something to live up to!

Democrat or republican, who will stand up and become the Hero of this age? Who will become an icon in the history of tomorrow?

Are our politicians so out of touch with the tension among the people that they are saying, “Let them eat cake?” That didn’t work so well for Marie Antoinette and it cannot work in this day and age.

Let us vote for the man who shows us the courage, dignity and elegance to guide us into a progressive era of peace and plenty. Let’s vote for the man who shows us compassion, intelligence and guts; a man who dares to break the mold of a system doomed to fail. Let’s see that the Good Guy finishes first for a change!

Some will ask, “How will a candidate become president without buying the media?” I believe the media will give a generous candidate, one with Earth changing ideals, landsliding free press!

By investing in Humanity, rather than destroying the very thing this country is based on –  life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – every person in this nation will live well! If we all do our part by investing ourselves in each other, the memory of wars will fade for there will be nothing to fight over.

Let America become a role model for all other nations rather than contemplating where and when we should once again interfere in the culture and affairs of other nations! We are not the world police. Let us be seen as the gentle Wayshower into peace and plenty.

Mr. Candidate, your job as president of the most powerful nation on Earth, is to lead the people not leave the people. Take the lead and American communities will follow . . . and then the nations of this world!


Kaih Khristé King

About Kaih Khristé King

Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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2 Responses to Purchasing The Presidency Of The USA

  1. I’ve been saying this for years. BUT. . . When living in Indiana, I ran for political office: first they required me to take ‘candidate training’ sponsored by Farm Bureau. They only taught NEGATIVE campaigning! They insisted that was the ONLY way to win. I REFUSED to buy into this steadfast in my believing Positiveness would triumph. Therefore I ran my campaign on Positive issues.
    Guess what, no one wanted to listen to me. I wasn’t slinging mud at my opponents.
    And True to form, I lost.
    I will never give up on anti-negativism in politics.
    When I wrote the ( at that time,) 3 big news networks, their response to me was: “Nice doesn’t sell” and they had plenty of data to prove it.
    Therefore, I believe what we need to do is: STOP patronizing any Negative campaigns.
    Yes, speak out as you have done, and more of us need to do; but
    we need to RALLY AGAINST the tearing down of character, tearing down of ideas, and hold the politicians ACCOUNTABLE for their campaign promises!
    I’d like to send them ALL home and bring in people with NEW IDEAS, and SOLUTIONS.
    I believe this would change the downward spiral our WONDERFUL NATION is on.

    I agree, Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Tea Party: ONLY promise what you can deliver. In two years, the people will decide if you’re actions are worthy of re-election.

    And I agree 1,000% about the money being spent on campaigns! It’s FRAUDULENT, wasteful, and hypocritical! Let candidates ACTIONS get them elected, I might be inclined to vote for the
    person who got their word out with the LEASE amount of money. That is, if I agreed with their stand on policies, and I believed they would be true to their word.
    In looking back, EVERY politician has made promises they didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t keep.
    If a sales person does this to me; I don’t go back to buy more: We need to implement this policy to politicians as well.

    I agree completely with your assessment of “mud slinging” and bullying! DAH!

    Thanks for voicing your opinion and giving me an opportunity to express mine.
    MaryLouise Mennen

  2. BB says:

    Bravo! ~♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥~

    I agree that the “requirements” for the Office of the President include mainly money, status and “media wrangling”. I really wish we could do away with the Two Party System and elect people based on their integrity of character and not the size of their wallet! We are sending billions & billions of dollars overseas to foreign countries for wars & activities we have no business in! How about investing in our own people for a change?? What a concept!

    PEACE Out! ~BB~

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