A Cry For Love

From life itself

Each week I am called to write a blog relating to the world we live in and the condition of our Human consciousness. This week my mind went silent

Who can express the full measure of the horror, sorrow and grief brought to this nation on April fifteenth when two bombs turned Boston’s Marathon celebration into a deathtrap? Who can even imagine the pain and suffering of the victims of this repugnant and cowardly act? Who can fully express appropriate gratitude to the first responders, the medical teams and all the volunteer heroes who reacted on behalf of the injured – placing themselves in danger – not knowing if more bombs were set to explode any minute? I cannot – I am speechless – words fail to color the truth of my feelings – yet I must dig down into my gut – find the words and speak into this moment.

Boston – just the word Boston brings me to tears – reminds me of New York – makes me think about Sandy Hook – calls my mind to Syria, Iraq, Egypt and all those places where life is continuously interrupted by the sounds of bombs exploding, guns blasting, sirens screaming and innocence dying.

Ironically, always held on Patriot’s Day, the Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon; attracting amateur and professional runners. Athletes and fans, friends and admirers from all corners of the Earth gathered in Boston – that sun-drenched day – to celebrate health and happy competition – for many it was simply a promise to prove personal valor. But the sounds of enthusiastic cheering and laughing voices; as competitors crossed the finish-line, were suddenly disrupted by the loud blasting of two bombs. Then silence absolute wide-eyed silence. It was as if time and space had collapsed.

Sadly, the horror of that moment, was all too familiar for the six families from Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut who had accepted Boston’s invitation to run in this years marathon. Boston extended the invitation with the hopes that the trip and the experience would be a healing-time for those who so tragically lost family members to an assault that killed school children and some of their teachers. But healing (that day) was stolen from them by another person who had lost contact with his soul.

I coauthored a book with Hopi Grandfather While Bear titled, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria. The Hopi Prophesies (in this book) speak of the times we are currently experiencing – an era when brother will turn against brother, woman will be deeply dishonored and children will suffer profoundly.

These Prophesies also tell us that the experience we are currently passing through will end and a new and better world will be the result – that such ‘endings’ are actually birth into higher evolutionary levels of consciousness – that we will leave the Fourth World (dimension) and enter into the Fifth World where we will be sensitized to the needs and desires of those we share this planet with. There is a Buddhist philosophy that suggests we can turn poison into medicine. Compassion is the answer – the medicine.

One wonders, who are these lost people – those who choose to kill? Who are we as warriors? Who are the ones who have lost their smile – their promise. Do they believe in a cause that is worthy of inflicting pain and death? Or has their song been silenced, has their heart been frozen by the conditions they are born into?

Has there ever been a ‘good war?’ Or does warfare damage both the valorous and the ‘enemy?’ Is taking the life of another natural? I cannot answer – but look at our returning veterans and the sorrows that plague them. What I do see is that for many long years our society has forgotten Love. Oh sure, there is romance, marriage and wondrous children that warm our hearts – but like the song says, “What the world needs now is Love sweet Love!”

Suffering makes me weep – all of it! Every living thing reaches out for love – longs for it, suffers without it – cries for it and will die for it! Why? Because we are composed, created and designed by and for Love. Perpetrators of crimes against Humanity can’t feel love, can’t see beauty, can’t hear tender sounds and they can’t create love, beauty and tenderness – they can’t relate to it – so they willingly destroy the life they were given and the lives of others.

Question: can our Compassion be for all who suffer – the perpetrator and the victims of their crimes? Can our entrance into the peace and creativity of the Fifth World come only when we can forgive – forgive it all? Perhaps, we can consider that we were born into these trembling times for a purpose – and that purpose may be to Love the hell out of this world.

The tragic events of our times are sobering and have caused me to take a moment to review my life. In doing so, I have promised myself to evaluate how I can become a better person – how to use the precious time I have been gifted to become a blessing to all those I meet.

How we use our time is vital to the energy and vibrations that travel to other souls. Creating better relationships, finding the strength to correct personal behavior, being a little sweeter when situations turn sour and recognizing beauty in all God’s Creation (even the bad, the good and the ugly), these are investments in Humanity – this is Love in action. The greatest test this life provides is to forgive – forgive it all.

Christ said it from the Cross: “Forgive them Father; they know not what they do!” That is Love in action! One cannot hate the devil and create “Life more abundantly.” But we can Love the hell out of this world! And what the world needs now is Love!

Kaih Khristé King

The King's Bridge website

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Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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