These Things I Do So Shall Ye Do

These Things I Do So Shall Ye Do

And even greater

Everyone, even the Atheists have been redeemed by the blood of Christ” This controversial statement, recently made by Pope Francis, has drawn attention to the issues surrounding peoples spiritual beliefs – and it questions whether a person’s religious affiliations dictate their value as a Human being. The Pope’s declaration has opened a huge conversation about religion – about who is favored to do God’s work.

Pope Francis went on to say, “If we, each doing our own part, if we do good to others, if we meet there, doing good, and we go slowly, gently, little by little, we will make that culture of encounter. We must meet one another doing good.”

We must meet one another!” Our religious philosophical doctrines are not meant to separate Humanity into opposing camps. They are meant as beautiful ways to express devotion and love. The only thing that can subdue the noise of war is the music of heartfelt prayer. There are many songs – many singers – and One God.

We must meet one another doing good!” When Humanity (with all our obvious differences) realizes we are one family – one worldwide community – we will know peace and eternal happiness.

Mother Teresa said, “There are many in this world dying for a piece of bread. But there are many more dying for a little love. As blood is to the body, prayer is to the soul. There are many religions. Each one has a different way of following God. Whatever religion we are we must pray together.” We must pray together!

Mother Teresa did not question the ethnic or religious values of those she served. She simply loved and served the Greater Good!

Christ said, “These things I do so shall ye do and even greater.” This Living Light – this God-Man could have walked his journey here on Earth alone. But one of the big lessons He brought for all Humanity is teamwork! The only way we can do even greater than Christ is to become a team of loving individuals gathered to love the hell out of this world!

The only qualification Christ asks for is our devotion to His vision for this planet and her people. Peace! Peace, that is loved into being – becoming the only reality – and the realization of our Oneness.

So, the question may be; why did our Creator make so many varieties of faces and shapes – why so many hues and cultures – why so many internal and external spiritual ideas? We recognize there are those who do not agree with traditional religious concepts but that doesn’t make them wrong – it’s just more variables.

God creates to please God! How can we argue with God’s choices? How can we view one ideal as superior over another? It is all God and God is all of IT.

Because God made IT – IT is sacred! So, let’s get over arrogance and get into compassion! Let’s allow God – let’s gather together and by our actions invite Love into the picture. Let’s honor all life – love it all. Really! It isn’t about religion or the lack of it – it’s about evolution! We have been fighting the same wars and concepts for thousands of years. This is our time to let go and let God!

We can be sure that Pope Francis is a harbinger for truth, transparency and integrity. And we can expect others to appear as architects of an era of elevated, compassionate realities. There are teams of consummate Intelligences (sometimes identified as Ascended Masters) living among us who are Bridge Builders to a place the Hopi People call the Fifth World.

In our book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria, Hopi Grandfather White Bear speaks of four previous worlds that end in turmoil – pretty much like what we are seeing today. The good news is, God in His mercy, provides a safe place where life goes on. The Fifth World is just ahead. All those innocent ones who die in worldly upheavals are safe and cared for there – anticipating the ascent of the teachers, healers and masters of peace – those who are living through the ending of the Fourth Epoch maintaining balance through compassion, love and ascending consciousness.

Let us take a moment to explore the definition of the word world. A planet is a place – a world is composed of thought-forms. “Be in the world not of it.” Right now the Fourth World is completing its time period. The Fifth World is prepared to receive those who transmit love and forgiveness through prayer, ceremony and service.

Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Because Human freewill is never violated, the Kingdom comes only by invitation. Let us open our hearts wider than we ever have! Let us invite our Father and our Mother, God’s Angels, Christ and the Avatars, all the Ascended Masters to join us as we celebrate Life – together!

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Kaih Khristé King

Author and founder of The King’s Bridge

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Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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