Apathy Interrupted

As our hearts open even wider than before

During our early years on this planet we were interested in what happened in our immediate range of experiences. If we knew about a guy in the cave over in the next hill we saw him as a threat – a competitor. We minded our own business for fear of confrontation.

Then, we matured a bit. We recognized that cooperation could bring our next meal in an easier manner. So we collected in clans. We hunted and gathered available plants and fruits – as a team. Trust was established and laughter was discovered.

Then, there came a time when culture developed and we expanded into tribes. We migrated, discovered new territories – developed traditions – set down roots and laws to control behavior. All-the-while, we continued to exhibit distrust of neighboring cultures.

Sometimes we felt compelled to attack those who got in our way – or had goods that we coveted. The natural progression at that point was to develop warlords – to run things. We became interested in our own welfare and ignored the needs of neighboring communities – unless they had something we desired – then we took it! This was our developing primitive Human civilization.

Then, we discovered fire and invented the wheel. This brought us into the industrial age – which ballooned into the age we live in now – a time when we know – everybody – what they do, how they live, what they eat for breakfast and how they take their shoes off at night. Not too long ago we didn’t know so we didn’t care.

The internet has eyes and ears. Not only is ‘big brother’ watching – so are we! We know what is happening all over the entire world. Our communication tools? Satellites miles-high in the sky – our computers and laptops, our smart-phones, cameras everywhere and the television that reports information from everywhere and anywhere – while we sit in our recliners and easy chairs.

We could long for the ‘good-old-days’ – when there was time for a walk in the woods – no phone in our pocket – just the sounds of birds and butterflies to accompany our footsteps. But we are where we are – we can’t go back to a different time and place.

Hopi Grandfather Martin in his ancient wisdom says, “Keep going!” Therefore we must fully engage ourselves in this moment – recognizing that there is purpose in the God-given tools of this moment in time. Yes, there is corruption and elements that are downright frightening. But we know – for nothing can be hidden! We know about the great science that is in place – about the terrific programs that serve the poor and struggling. We know about the terrible wars across the landscapes of our tears – and we also know about the generosity of nations who invite and accept the throngs of refugees escaping the terror that rips them from their ancient abiding places.

Because we know we can express our concern, our service, our compassion. Some of us will go many miles to where our brothers and sisters are camped and offer a hand and our hearts to aid them as they struggle. Others of us may not be able to travel to a refugee camp in the Middle East, Africa (or elsewhere) but we can express our compassion wherever we are – a helping hand – a financial donation – a smile – a hug.

In this age of open and constant communication we cannot be apathetic. Because we know! We can step up to the mountain and take a giant leap to Higher Ground. I have been blessed with the friendship of the late Hopi Grandfather White Bear. He talked about the beginnings of Human existence on this planet – about Three Worlds of the evolutionary elevation of Human consciousness – each ending in destruction, compounded by self-interests and selfishness.

According to White Bear’s writings of our Lemurian history, we are currently experiencing the Fourth World of evolutionary experiences. If we take a look at our history books, we can see the running line of the rising and falling of Human ongoing occurrences. White bear was fearful that the Fourth World would repeat the destructive, historical patterns of the past – and we now see much of that.

So, in this moment, as we approach the Bridge to The Fifth World – it can only be our knowing – our compassion – our recognition of our True Humanity – our Divine Destiny that can change the patterns of the past!

Because today we have the ‘tools’ for worldwide communication – because we know – we can care ‘across the board.’ We can truly mentally, emotionally, Humanly and Spiritually rise up into our true nature. We can lift our thoughts and our ways to the real Person within us – the One that Christ came to reveal!

The One – the Beloved – the Child Divinely made! The One from the Stars who truly must return to Its Origins!

Kaih Khristé King

[White Bear’s book The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria is available at Amazon or at the following website.]


About Kaih Khristé King

Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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  1. artisanken says:

    Great punch line! : }|

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