The Charmed Ones

Here to love the hell out of this world

Who are these people who give their love and approval in so many ways? Who are they – the ones who rescue others at the expense of their own safety – those who invest themselves to enrich others – take their time, their fortunes, their inventiveness, to make the world experience richer for those who cannot do it for themselves?

Who are the ones that do not judge or criticize, but rather praise and lift the spirits of the weary, the downtrodden and those who are lost in sorrows. Who are the great teachers, inventors and inspirers – the heroes and heroines – the ones who risk life and limb to rescue another – who are they? They are legion – in every country, community and many households. They are the majority and those who create harm are less than a minority.

They are doctors who selflessly assist those in need – often putting themselves in harms-way to do so. They are missionaries, serving in places far away from home and familiar comfort-zones – often placing themselves at risk for disease and conflict. They are teachers who devote their lives to educate, stimulate and create comfort in situations that could be harmful to those they serve.

They are the valiant – the wounded who willingly sacrifice personal comfort and even life for a cause. And they are the guy who stops to help a stranded driver fix a flat tire – the woman who carefully cares for the children of working mothers – they are volunteers in hospitals, libraries and food-banks. They are the smiling person, the caregiver, a cheerful “Howdy-do” type. They are Good People!

In today’s world of instant communication, the media will most often focus on trauma – and it is so easy to get caught-up in negative drama. But let’s take a moment to explore and accentuate the Positive. There is a myriad of benevolent projects devoted to compassionate transformation. There are incalculable numbers of sweet-natured, heroic individuals, families and communities that compose a living Light, one that is aimed into the current darkness that may seem all too apparent.

I well remember the kindness of the Red Cross volunteers that made our evacuation following hurricane Katrina less uncomfortable than it would have been without their aid. Dedicated to aiding those who suffer hunger and homelessness worldwide, this brave organization – and their crews – carry compassion into any corner of the Earth where there is need – regardless of the danger.

The Feathered Pipe Foundation 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, devoted to helping people find positive directions in life and cultivate awareness through many programs and experiences designed to enrich spirit, mind and body. This foundation sponsors the Veterans Yoga Project; which is an effort to increase resources to Veterans with post-traumatic stress.

Yoga is a great discipline for returning veterans. The emotions connected to the sounds and sights of war – these memories can remain in the mind like a movie that plays and replays. Feelings from such memories can dominate a person’s mind – awake or while sleeping. Yoga restores the connective lines of communication between body, mind and spirit. All-too-often we anchor into one or the other, thus, living partially rather than fully. Yoga reconnects our Humanity with the Spirit that forms us – the Mind that guides us into Enlightenment. And yoga encourages Spirit, Mind and Enlightenment to establish residence in our bodies. Thus activating the true purpose of the body as an instrument for the Music of the Spheres.

Another of today’s powerful works, is the Veterans Writing Project a non-profit organization. They provide writing seminars, at no-cost to veterans, service members, and military families. Writing is a great way to discover Self, to express pain so it can be healed – or at least dealt with. Human beings were born to create. We are all artists, musicians, writers, dancers and actors. But many times, due to the conditions and experiences of our lives, we cannot find the genius who lives inside. Regardless of what we have done – or what has been done to us, there is a book waiting to be expressed, poetic lyrics waiting to be said, a song to be sung, a painting to be done.

I am a longtime student of yoga and I began my writing career with a journal. Both disciplines helped me overcome some painful childhood memories that were anchoring me to the past. They helped me find my heart and my spirit. Once free, I found the heart and spirit in others and beauty opened its doors to me, invited me in – charmed me and turned on the Light.

The Charmed Ones – who are they? They are the children of Great Creator and they are born to create. It is so very important that we explore who we are as spirits. At this moment, we may not know the sum-total of who we really are – and we may not discover the fulness of our True-Self in this brief lifetime – for the gifts we have been imbued with are really magnificent – so let us begin.

Meditation and prayer can lead us there. Acts of random kindness, a smile for a stranger, a heroic act, a tender touch for someone who feels unworthy and tears for the lonely – all steps into the Golden Light that illuminates our hearts. When we get there, let’s pick up our pen, our brush and our paints, our violin, then sing our song and put on our stage makeup.

The Charmed Ones – who we are – have been waiting in the wings – but the time for waiting is finished. It is time to take our Wings – fly high and become the stardust that composed us long before Human history!

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

About Kaih Khristé King

Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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  1. artisanken says:

    8/13/13 – Good work!

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