In The Fold Of The Family

Where Love Abides

Family! It means so much to participate, to belong, to be enfolded in appreciation and love.

What’s that you say? That I forgot about the problems, the bickering, the fights?” Of course those dynamics exist in the part of the Family we experience while living evolutionary lives. The family we evolve with is simply a part of the earthly experience.

While participating in earthly incarnations we are involved in many family structures such as neighborhoods, communities and nations – all witness to varying growth patterns and growing pains. We are not robots programed to think in any particular manner. Humanity is given freewill. We choose, and so we see behavior that is unkind – but we also see incredible acts of wisdom and compassion.

As we move through the closing of the current era, we are expanding into the dawning of a time when we will come to know more of the Greater Family – that means more Light on the issues that confront mankind. The communication systems that exist today allow the exposure of both good and evil. As the Light of Spirit shines into our hearts we can find solutions. Today, there are no dark corners to hide in.

This is the time to fully enter the Fold. This is done by the conscious decision to live where Love abides. This opens us to unlimited willingness – thus allowing reality to enter into the Human experience.

So, who is the Greater Family? Right here on Earth – right now – we share this planet with Light Bearers who consciously choose to serve the greater good. They may or may not belong to a religion or faith – but they are devoted to right thinking and right action. They are kind to others – understanding that what they invest returns to bless the giver. And their Love and Light fill the airwaves with prayer and benevolent thoughts.

Walking among us are Ascended Masters, here to work with us as we accomplish the transformation of the world we live in. There are Messengers, Teachers and Healers – sent by the Universe to bring us into a new way of thinking – a realization of the ultimate sacred destiny for Humanity.

Angels are a part of the Greater Family – as are Brotherhoods and Sisterships designed to aid us from Their perspective. By placing our freewill in the hands of the Councils of Light we make adult choices. The Greater Family does not make our decisions for us – but through Their guidance we naturally make better choices.

In the influence of the Greater Family of Light we are more mature and childish choices do not appeal to us – we are taller and can see beyond the mountains of past mistakes – and we find forgiveness for the faults of fools.

I assisted Hopi Grandfather White Bear with his book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria (published by The King’s Bridge). White Bear told me we traveled to this Earth from the stars – and he said we once inhabited Mars.

His book tells us we have migrated the lengths of this planet four times. During those migrations we created living environments referred to as ‘worlds’ (an expanse of experience). White Bear claims we are in the Fourth World – soon to exit the consciousness of wars and ignorance – then to enter the Fifth World of ascending consciousness. To do so we must recognize we are a part of the Universal Family. White Bear’s book says we will evolve through Nine Worlds – then our evolutionary journey will be complete and we will live in the Fold of The Family.

Until then we will live in evolutionary patterns – ever rising beyond the rocky pathways that hold illusions rather than truth. With each ascension we will gather knowledge of who we have been, who we are and who we will be.

Love created us – it abides in us and it is ours to discover.

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

About Kaih Khristé King

Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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