Live Long And Prosper

Life never ends and prosperity awaits our acceptance

We salute Leonard Nimoy as he leaves our sandy shores for greener pastures. And as we do we recognize all those who have traveled the rainbows before us, leaving behind knowledge and truth that continues to enhance the reality we live in.

The famous ‘Vulcan’ salute Nimoy (as Spock) introduced to us in the Star Trek television series actually comes from Hebrew worship ceremonies and from the Hebrew language referring to the feminine aspect of God – the Shekhinah – the part of God who resides among us here on Earth. The salute speaks – saying, “Live Long And Prosper!” God only wants our happiness for God is Our Creator and also The Created.

According to some beliefs, the Shekhinah is referred to as The Holy Spirit among us. And there are those who believe Shekhinah is a universe that is developing within the the heart of Humankind.

Many signs have been left for our observation – signs indicating that a long time ago ancient civilizations preceded the Native Americans as we know them today. There is archaeological evidence of the presence of what has been assumed to be ancient Egyptian artifacts – also rock-writings and paintings that show what is thought to be Hebrew letters translating to Yod Hey Vau. However, Hopi Grandfather White Bear said these ancient symbols and artifacts were brought to the Americas by the Atlantean and Lemurian societies.

The salutation (Name of God) Yod Hey Vau is still spoken and chanted in some of our Native American populations. Evidence of the presence of very ancient people remind us that we (Humans) are more than we seem to be – and more than we know.

I cooperated with Hopi Grandfather White Bear to produce the book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria. White Bear has passed into the Light now but I am happy to say I enjoyed a long and enlightening friendship with him while he was present on this Earth.

He told me that Lemuria and Atlantis were regions in the Outer Universe – Atlantis representing intelligence while Lemuria was all about love. These societies were brought to Earth as an experiment – the answer to the question, “Can love and intelligence come together and become wisdom?”

White bear said, “Unfortunately, after many eons of time the experiment failed. Atlantis went on to populate Egypt and eventually took creation into their own hands – experimenting with forbidden fruit, thus creating creatures outside the Divine Plan. The Lemurians forgot love. They began to quarrel and entered into a split society – those that lived by Creator’s Law and those who became lawless.

Certainly we can see these are dangerous times we live in today. With the onslaught of computer games depicting aggressive activities as everyday events – the stimulation of negative and warlike emotions crowding out tenderness and compassion – with comic-book superheroes as aggressors dominating the thoughts of those who were once innocents. So much that is being communicated to the younger generation of expressing Human Beings is this, “Find prosperity – anyway you can – and use it to end life.” We cannot deny that Humanity is experiencing global unrest – that there is great concern over global weather patterns that are dramatically shifting.

With the end of the Mayan Calendar, many prophets of our time anticipated the end of this world in 2012 They forgot the God-given prophesy, “Live Long And Prosper.” We are assured, “As one phase ends another begins.” We are in a new calendar or as Christ reminds us, “A time to be born again!”

Mother Earth is a breathing, living being. With the assistance from her Sister Shekhinah she is giving birth to a new nation of souls. Birth cannot be avoided or sidestepped. Mother’s womb has opened. As a nation we have entered an era of new beginnings – of unknown adventures and a time to move out of an era of hard knocks to graduate into a world of amazing science and tender compassion while singing the Love-song of the Spheres.

The emergence of this new child is already in progress. The precious head is smiling into a new world. Yet, the body is deep in the birth canal experiencing labor pangs while being forced to move into unfamiliar territory. This is why it is so important that those with eyes to see into the opening reality express Christ Consciousness into the whole of the body of Humanity, particularly that part of us that remains pressed and pushed in the deep and darkened tunnel of rebirth.

When released from yesterday’s agenda (those who cannot let go of harmful thoughts and aggressive behavior) they will be carried to an atmosphere of healing and will be educated in the ways of tenderness and appreciation – to then begin a new and more mature society.

More about ancient Lemuria and Atlantis in future blogs.

Live long and prosper! Live well and know Creator’s Law. “Love each other even as I Love thee!”

[The above mentioned book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria is available through]

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

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Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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