Life beyond death and suffering

As we move past the symbolism of Easter and Passover we are reminded of the power and truth of these two sacred holidays. They both call us to leave those mental prisons – the walls that separate people into categories.

We are living in an age when very little can be hidden. Through our media and the internet we know of the earthly life conditions for those who live thousands of miles from the place we call home. We are continuously reminded of confinement, slavery and the cruelty of those who do not express love.

Just as Jesus suffered the Cross so too is mankind – we have become a suffering society bound by war and terrorism that cannot be denied. But let us remember that beyond the Cross is Resurrection – a time to move into the incoming Light of absolute Compassion and a time to reestablish the companionship of our Brothers and Sisters from the Starry Realms.

There are no small parts! Every kind gesture, every smiling and friendly hello count and support those Masters of Light that bring the science, the wisdom and the knowledge that will turn the deepened dark-night of the soul into the Son-Shine of a new day – an era of dramatic radiance caused by a silent majority (soon to be heard), to be known by the God-Song singing in their soul. This is who you are. This is who I Am.

Hopi Grandfather White Bear continues to be a friend to me (although he passed into the Light a number of years ago) he still visits. He often speaks of our migration from the stars, to inhabit other planets (even Mars) before making four migrations through Earth’s environment. The evidence of the migrations of developing Humanity stand as reminders in places like Easter island with its ancient faces craved in stone to the crafted temples of the Maya.

Each migration brought us to a consciousness that comprised a World created by the thoughts of people. To this point-in-time we have inhabited Four Worlds – each ending with the self-imposed crucifixion of the people of that era to be followed by their resurrection into a better reality. White Bear tells us that soon we will be moving into the Fifth World, an era of higher consciousness – one where compassion is the natural condition of the Human heart.

Will we fall again? Yes, for we are young and foolish. But each fall is not a fall from God’s Grace but another opportunity to be educated – to rise to greater heights than we experienced when we were even younger and more foolish.

Resurrection is what Jesus speaks of when He talks about being Born Again! With each birth and rebirth we move closer to the true divinity of the full-grown Human.

So we are on a bridge to ever elevating consciousness – this time to enter the Fifth World on our way through four more elevations, finally reaching The Ninth World where our journey into the worlds of choices will be completed.

Will everyone complete these cycles? Yes, but not all at the same time. To complete the process of ever-ascending Worlds one must graduate one level at a time. It’s all about learning to really Love – to feel it, express it and choose it – totally! But we cannot Love and keep it for ourselves. We must invest it in others – in Mother Earth and all creatures.

We all have something to give to others. For some it is as simple as a smile, for others it may be knowledge, helping out as a volunteer, lifting the other side of a heavy burden, becoming a role model or a teacher and for those who can, investing time and money into public works. This kind of living brings us through the gate and into a better World.

Thanks for being who you are!

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

PS – Hopi Grandfather White Bear’s book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria is available at

About Kaih Khristé King

Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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