To Be Born Again

And enter a new reality

Recently, the news media repeatedly informed their audiences that fewer American individuals and families currently attend Christian church services. The question they explored was this: Are American citizens less religious in this day and age and does this mean there are more agnostics and atheists than ever before?

News moderators are publicly speaking about the fact that in the USA there are many more faith-bound ways in which to worship than there were in times past. Their conversation leads them to contemplate that the influx of immigrants from many different lands exposes the public to Buddhists, Muslims and the various ways that other cultures worship – that there are now more choices available. No doubt these are valid observations and there can be no doubt that globally, tremendous shifts in consciousness are appearing in all cultures.

Yes, there are differences between religion and spirituality. Religion exposes us to rules for living and the manner in which we must worship. That works for some and causes them to find their spirituality within those rules. Others, feel that true spirituality is a process of exploration, discovery and freedom of personal choice.

We live in a time when we are exposed to many freedoms that were previously unavailable. The internet has created global exposure to many cultures, ideas and even fantasies about who the Real Human Being actually is. Many feel a hunger to explore a belief that there is no ceiling that closes in the Human imagination.

As we explore the heavens above with the Hubble telescope and through our stations in space we also hunger to know the Heaven within. This may bring us to call upon our intuition rather than the institutions that make life-choices for us.

Like so many, I am grateful for the life I have been given and everyday brings new understandings. What sticks with me is Christ’s message, “Love each other even as I love thee.” To me that statement means what it says, “Love each other!” And to honor our differences, respect the life we have been given and be kind. Only then will we remove the threat of war – only then will come Peace and plenty for All.

Only then will we be born again into the arms of Christ, the wisdom of Buddha and the truth of Mohamed. Only then will we honor all pathways to spirituality. It may come tomorrow or it may take many generations of negotiations – but “Life More Abundantly” will come!

My friend, Hopi Grandfather White Bear, speaks of many earthly, mental, emotional and spiritual migrations that the Human community has entered into and progressed through. Each, putting one foot before the other – reaching out for self-identification, attempting to understand communal commands, and all the while hoping to follow Creator’s Law – yet many will go on like children playing a game of marbles – many times rolling the dice rather than taking responsibility.

Can there be any doubt that Humanity is in a migration suited to our times. While we search the stars for a way beyond Human troubles and planetary warming the answer is right where we live!

Honor it all! Even the pain and suffering and recognize it is a part of the birthing process. Once we are born again we must migrate through the maze that life presents to us. An era of surprises and new experiences is there for us to reach out to, to touch, to taste and to move toward. If we open our eyes in the direction of the mysteries of tomorrow, and when we open our hearts to our fellow travelers, we will enter new lessons that will educate us in the ways of a new world. Or as Grandfather White Bear puts it “The Fifth World awaits your presence! Come! Come now!”

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

PS – Hopi Grandfather White Bear’s book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria is available at


About Kaih Khristé King

Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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