The Human Race

Where are we going

And how fast will we get there? And where is there?

Today, while listening to the radio, I was informed that there are plans designed and funded to take a company of Humans to Mars – with the intention to colonize the Red Planet.

The plans are quite articulate, complete with intentions to warm the Martian atmosphere with solar shields that will melt Mar’s icy surface thus creating surface water. And that is only a beginning! Intentions to mine asteroids of precious metals such as gold, platinum  and iron are among very imaginative and even more fundamental ideas to create a suitable living space for a future generation of Human Beings.

One wonders how many billions of dollars are intended for such an endeavor . . .  and why? Perhaps for survival of the Human Race?

Has anybody looked around at what is happening on the Mother Planet we currently reside on? We are seeing dramatic droughts in once lush wetlands (often resulting in tremendous wildfires), at the same time damage is occurring on other coastlines from drenching rain storms with resulting floods, tornadoes and mud avalanches.

The Great Lakes are three feet higher than previously recorded – some locations are drowning – while others suffer heat strokes.

The question becomes what is the cause? Many blame global warming and that is a real factor. And there are many elements responsible for our global climatic chaos. Blame it on gas powered machines – on plastic in the landfills and animal waste from farms and ranches – all are contributors. However . . . we then leave out the the most base and  destructive reality, Human suffering, Human anger, prejudice – and most of all the atmosphere created by war.

With disappointing results related to Mars (and other early planetary experiments in this local Universe), planet Earth was created to house and provide for the developing Human child. Earth is the Mother Planet of this Universe. She is a thinking, feeling, creative being. Her rivers flow in our arteries, Her clay beds and mountain tops are the bones that support our muscles and our vital organs are the same as Her center.

Mother Earth is sensitive, emotional and affected by Human activities. When women are raped, children are tortured, blood is spilled from the sword of an opponent, when the sounds of war machines drown out the songs of birds and the rustle of their wings no longer brush the clouds – Mother responds. The result? Global warming and erratic weather patterns – fires – floods – storms – and more to come.

When my Hopi friend Grandfather White Bear was still present on this Earth he often addressed the issues of climate change – and he liked to talk about Mars. According to White Bear, “Human Beings once lived on Mars and another planet named Maldec. Both were destroyed when Humans failed to respect the sensitive  nature of these planets and when they failed to respect each other – which resulted in wars.”

White Bear went on to say that we came to Earth following the destruction of Mars. He said we migrated the surface of Earth four times, leaving behind evidence proving our historical presence on places like Easter Island. Each of these early migrations ended in war resulting with planetary destruction.

“Humanity must learn from past mistakes! Stop warring against other Clans and societies! Enjoy the diversity Great Creator loves to create! Respect each other! Build beautiful parks and eat corn from many gardens – sing a Love Song to Mother Earth – dance to the drumbeat of Her heart. This time you are not allowed to destroy this planet or She will destroy you!”

“There is a new migration before you! The Fifth Migration opens before you! A bridge to peace and happiness is only a breathe away. The Bridge is constructed and ready to carry you to The Fifth World. All that is required from you is the song The Master sings, “Love one another even as I Love Thee.”

“As to Mars? Been there done that – throw the t-shirt away.”

I do not pretend to be a spokesperson for the Hopi Nation. I am simply a storyteller attracting other storytellers. For many years the words of many ancient cultures have guided my path. The truth that I hear from them speaks to Oneness. That there are many Universes – all diverse and unique according to our Creators enjoyment. That we are here on Earth to learn from past mistakes – to go on to recognize beauty, the inventiveness of the Human mind and the power of Love – that the core of Love is respect for all life!

Rather than spending our time, money and ingenuity attempting to find another planet to replace this one, let’s fund Earth’s restoration – catch excess flood waters in reservoirs, build canals to drought areas and water the desert and dry forests. It won’t cost as much as fighting floods and fires – and certainly not as much as attempting to civilize Mars.

Come! Let us share our gifts, our smiles, our tenderness and our wisdom. Let’s take the hand of our neighbor and cross the Bridge to The Fifth World – let’s remember Love and forget the past.

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

PS – Hopi Grandfather White Bear’s book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria is available at

About Kaih Khristé King

Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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