Stormy Weather

Commands our attention

There is evidence that unprecedented and unexpected weather is showing itself across the planet – and we cannot ignore the storms within the Human population as well. Question: Are they related?

Who and what do we blame for the droughts in locations where water was once king? To hear the newscasters tell it it’s all about climate change due to global warming. No doubt, we can pin an award on fossil fuels and the methods in which they are removed from the Earth’s centers.

But there is more to Earth’s discomfort than the obvious. You see, everything in this Universe is related. Creator is the ultimate Artist! The One who plans His and Her many canvases, and colors the relationships between the elements that compose the portrait of Divine intention.

The Earth is a living being – much more than a lump of clay floating in the skies, rotating among other planets, shined on by a heat source we call the Sun. The Earth has a body, a mind and a soul – and she has feelings!

Think about it: How would you respond if some one was probing the center of your body with jackhammers, searching for the source of your life – your blood? It would be natural for you to scream – to lash out in an attempt to save your life. That is exactly what Mother Earth is doing right now! The result? Earthquakes, droughts, and deluges of water falling where very little was previously known.

Mother Earth is more than an individual. She is a family of cooperative spirits who rule the waters, the winds and climates, the deserts and mountains. These spirits respond and harmonize to the emotional impact of Mother’s responses. For Mother and her spirit family the most devastating and painful impact is warfare – Humans against Humans – conflicts that cause death and intense suffering.

As we live and breathe – moment to moment (and for centuries) the cries of migrating Human individuals and families (running in search of peace and safety) have filled the air. Where songbirds once harmonized with the buzzing of bees and the chirping of crickets, sorrow’s song is currently being chanted.

All life on Earth is related. Peace and well-being depend on mutual respect between all species. That means every level of life is commanded to cooperate. All the colors from Creator’s Brush are expected to participate in the fullness of Creator’s intention!

So the question becomes; how can an individual participate to bring peace and fullness to the Canvas of Creator’s intention? The answer is: Do exactly what comes your way! Be kind, inventive, generous and compassionate wherever you find yourself – and Love whatever finds you. You also have the artist’s brush. Take a breath, let the teardrops fall and the picture will unfold. Wherever you are, you will know what is called for. Your part is vital to the outcome. Every brushstroke influences the emerging picture!

We must not become weary or discouraged by the obvious. Know that in the shadow of what seems impossible is a ray of Light ready to join forces with each person who is willing to express respect and Love. Love creates rainbows that can lift all life into an era of cooperation. Just a few tender actions and words can open the door to a drama – an elegant and joyful entrance into wonder that may not seem imaginable in this trying moment.

You see, it’s Birth! Painful in the moment but unbelievably rewarding! As Love touches Love – Life is born anew!

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

About Kaih Khristé King

Kaih Khristé King ... an unusual woman ... an unusual life. To those who know her, and those who have experienced her presentations, Kaih is considered a rare bird amid a forest of remarkable experiences - but she thinks of herself as an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences.
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