Our mission is to touch and lift Human hearts with inspirational books and fine art prints. The publishing department of The King’s Bridge reaches out to the awakening planet with inspirational materials that can free the seeker from limitations and the worries that today’s world often presents.

Our books & artwork is offered on our website: The KingsBridge.com

2 Responses to About

  1. Debbie Fitch says:

    Kaih- ” Before cavemen and competition” sounds like the title of your nex book!
    Loved this. needed a message of hope and that what is essential is truly invisible to the eye

    • kaihking says:

      Blessings Debbie! Before Cavemen and Competition we knew peace. As the world turns on its axis we have come to know anxiety. But be sure there is more than hope on the horizon! Don’t give in or give up! Give love.

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