Enter The Fifth World

It’s Graduation Day

According to the Gregorian Calendar, Wednesday, January 31st was the final day in year 2014. On that New Year’s Eve, many watched as a real shift began occurring.

From the windows in our house, we saw snow replace the usual sunny Arizona sky. All day, chills ran up our bodies as snow met our astonished, open mouthed gaze. One newscast said such an intense weather pattern hadn’t happened for 100 years. The full body goosebumps told us a cleansing was occurring for our planet and our people. Like the old song says, “There’ll be a change in the weather and a change in me.”

According to Hopi legend there are Nine Worlds of ever ascending consciousness that Humanity must pass through to fulfill their return to the stars they originated from.

The legend tells us we are leaving the Forth World (with its stress and confusion) to enter into a healing environment (the Fifth World) to be educated and prepared to experience coming ascensions – thus graduating into the fullness of our sacred destiny.

Picture Humanity as an embryo carried in the Womb of Mother Earth. As we pass through our earthly experience we are carried into Nine Worlds – while we grow and prepare for an existence beyond the confinements of planetary life.

2015 – here we are! 2015 – an Eight Year full of promise – complete with its own set of challenges. But an Eight Year is a time of manifesting dreams and visions. ‘8’ means as above so below. So call on the powers of the Universe for peace and prosperity as we move toward 2016 – a Nine Year – a time of completion – a time to be born!

 Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website


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Love Flowers In December

Its fragrance flows into the new year

December – the time when many celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. There are differing opinions about the month Christ was born. There are ancient texts that say Christ was born in the month of August – that in times of old there were primitive celebrations in December – that the birth of Christ became a weaving in the tapestries of many ancient stories.

Whatever your belief, the truth is December is the month when Love is born. And it is the month when many celebrate the birth of Christ – a time to celebrate His life teachings

In truth, Christ is Love and Christmas time celebrates more than His teachings. We revere the gifts of truth He brings to us – continuously, eternally, for all time and beyond. His Love speaks about selflessness, generosity and community. He calls to us in a tender manner – never criticizing – always encouraging us to do our very best in all circumstances – to see beauty in our environment and in each other.

Christ lives because we Love! And because we Love we honor the manner in which others think, the way they worship or if they do not believe as we do!

Love is the ruler of Life and the rule we must live by. When Love rules there is no suffering, no hunger, no war – only Love.

Appreciation is the center and the core of Love. Where Love lives there is no criticism, no mean words or acts. Love is patient, tender, caring. These are the qualities of Love.

Love is the gift that keeps on giving and it is free – its only price and demand is kindness – across the board.

So this Christmas, fret not if the only gift you give is Love. It is all that Christ asks of us!

May We Let The Prince Of Peace Light The Way To Harmonious Relationships With All Life – Here On Earth And In The Entire Universe.

Our Theme Song – “Let It Begin With Me!”

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website


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The Song Of Perfection

The true nature of all life.

In my previous message I spoke about the Music Of The Spheres. That the so-called Big Bang was actually the Love Song uttered when Love (the Sleeping Giant) awoke from dream-time and danced into the arms of its own heart.

Everything – absolutely everything – was born from that original Song of Creation – and continues to grow in complexities as the notes and the lyrics circle and touch, creating ever-increasing harmonics.

On November 12, 2014, European scientists successfully landed a robotic space-probe on a spinning comet. The Rosetta Mission – in operation for over ten years – gently placed the Philae landing module onto that dancing rock racing through the Solar System. Rosetta’s mission has many purposes related to the composition of comets and their relationships to their Solar-sisters playing in space. While the scientific team delighted in the accomplishment of a successful landing, an unexpected thrill came when it was noted that the comet was singing. Her song reached beyond their ears and delved deeply into their heads!

Yes, she was singing! And that is not surprising because everything that exists is a part of the Original Anthem that filled the once-empty void with melodies, lyrics and harmonies – a Love Song of unorchestrated symphonies so emphatic, yet so tender that all creation was born, lifted, dipped and danced into reality – through a never-ending, eternal continuation that reinvents its strain – its totality – its reality!

Every star has a song, unique unto itself. One that blends and relates to all other tones and compositions. It is the same with all creation. And all creation is designed perfectly for the song it sings.

Think about the humming bird – so wondrously created to do the job it fulfills. As it pollinates the garden, the song from the movement of its wings and the breath from its body blend with the songs of butterflies and the melodies of the breezes as they waltz through the leaves of grand and glorious forest-lands.

On planets like the Earth, oceans, rivers and lakes call for thunder and lightening to rain  onto mountaintops, creating cascading waterfalls that pound echoing drum-rolls onto the mud below – more than sound – music!

And there is the bass trumpet call of a bull elephant, the cry of a wolf acknowledging the rising moon, the song of pounding waves as a humpback whale breaks the surface, and the soprano chirp of a wandering cricket – more than sound – a symphony played by many musicians with perfectly designed instruments!

The Human has the ability to compose never-heard songs that God-thought impregnates into his and her never-ending, every evolving hourglass of time. There is magic in the lullabies between mothers and their children – in the baritone sound of man’s laughter and even the stammering of a student reciting poetry.

But the Human (and only the Human) has the power of choice. All the rest of God’s creation (even the Angels) sing the song that is true to the nature of who they are born to be.

The Human is a sacred instrument – attuned to compliment the many other instruments in God’s Symphonic and Holy Orchestra. Humanity is now beginning to enter into a new and more complex era. A higher frequency of tone is being harmonically infused into the Song of a fading age – blending new colors into a faded reality.

The value of the Love Song of our yesterdays will not be questioned but will be known as the foundation for Higher Consciousness. Like our singing comet we will rise to sing harmony with the Star Family from which we originated. Some of our Human companions are not currently prepared to sing the high notes. But they will be educated, cared for and will come to hear the siren call of Love when they have matured and are ready.

For those who wish to receive the Love Song of The Fifth World this is a time for preparation. A time to clear our throats of yesterday’s congestion, take off the cloak of fear and misunderstanding. Make room for new ideas, put a spring in our step and a dance in our hearts. Then, we will waltz into a brighter Light and open to the Love Song God is singing.

It is time to be happy – a time for discovery! A time to smile, walk out of the shadows singing our Song – loving who we are!

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website




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All Life Vibrates

To The Originator’s Love Song

Long before time and space – before all creation – there was only One! One reality. There was no name for ‘It’ for there was no language – no sound. Silently, the One lay suspended  in the nothingness we have come to identify as the Void.

The One was Life – dormant – sleeping.

How did it begin? What caused the great sleeping One to stir? Was it a dream – a breath – a movement? We do not know, for this is the great mystery that no philosopher’s pen can reveal.

But here is what we do know. The sleeping Giant was composed of Love. That is all – just Love. And all Life – All Life did and continues to rise from Love!

It began when Love touched Love. In response a great organic sound echoed across the silent void. And from that sound Life continues to spring eternal.

When Love touched Love great orchestral symphonies filled the once silent void. Musical intervals appeared and thus constructed the Universes as they are known today. From the heart of each Universe, time and rhythm were born – designed to modulate into vibrations, constantly refining,  moving into continuously higher keys on the Universal musical scale.

Love awakened – touched by emotions never known. Beauty emerged from the womb of glory, spinning creation into reality.

All life – the minute and the magnificent rose from beauty so wondrous that tears of first-felt joy fell through nothingness to create and nourish everything. Creation is the result of the harmonics of the Music of the Spheres. And the tears of joy from the Originator carry the vibrations that produce and continuously birth Creator’s message of Love.

Everything is born from Love and nourished by the baptismal waters of God’s truth – all is Divine! Stars, planets, comets – trees, plants, creatures – mountains, oceans and the invisible air – everything is Divine. Once – we knew this – but we have forgotten.

Movement between the musical scales of each Universe is delicate – but must be experienced by all creation. All Life must rise from one conscious realty to another – all Life must evolve. All Life is Divine!

 It is the purpose of this writing to remind Humanity of its Divinity.

Looking out beyond the horizons of times past, (the historical epochs of transformation due to evolution) we see the rising of Human technology. But for the masses, elevated science did not bring with it increased tenderness, consciousness, compassion and freedom from fear. With few exceptions, Humanity fell into old paradigms of continuous warfare, religious disagreement and failure to educate the soul of Man.

But we must not forget the Few Exceptions! It takes only a Few to create new paradigms of ascending consciousness – the truth and reality of internal and eternal Divinity. That realization is the power and energy that can and will bring many into a new migratory pattern.

According to my friend, Hopi Grandfather White Bear, Humanity left the stars to migrate through Nine Evolving Worlds and he tells us we now have entered an era of extreme change. That may sound ominous – even frightening – but then there is Love!

White Bear tells us we are in the closing of an era of vibratory confusion. Humanity has survived three educational migrations – each ending in confusion – much like the state of mind that children experience when advancing from one elementary grade to another. Some young ones will be left behind to learn lessons (once ignored) while others will advance into a more profound understanding of what has been taught – ready to advance into Higher and more profound Truths.

White Bear speaks of the reality of a Fourth World  (consciousnesses) that Humanity is now inhabiting – one that we are being prepared to exit. He speaks of this – our current evolution as the Fourth World and that we must now rise into the Fifth World – the next elevation of our Human education.

The cruelty of wars, corporate and governmental rulers who lack compassion, those who use any religion as self-centered organizations bent on harm, will remain in Fourth World reality – until they are prepared to graduate. The Fifth World, occupied by those who recognize compassion as the Staff of Life, will then open all doors to receive those graduates transformed by the Universities of Kindheartedness.

Remember, there are Nine Worlds to experience on the Pathway that leads to Freedom, Truth and Peace. Then, at the appropriate signal of the Universal Heartbeat, all will rise into a Higher Realm – and become One with The One!

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website

PS – Hopi Grandfather White Bear’s book is available through PayPal at the above website – and through Amazon.com – as are all books available through The King’s Bridge.


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Time To Open Our Eyes

And our hearts.

During my many years on this planet, I have seen some amazing things – some great, some good, some not so good and some really awful. Perhaps, what is most painful is to see the ongoing, unwillingness of the general population to open to the beauty of variety.

With relish, I anticipate a time when every religion will respect, honor and even love the manner in which others choose to worship. The idea of religious war is beyond my comprehension – for one religion to crusade against another has nothing to do with righteousness or godliness. But it does have everything to do with selfishness, ignorance and insanity.

Life on Earth is not limited to a few obvious dimensions  – what we can taste, touch, hear and see all have multiple dimensions. How we respond to the stimulation our senses provide creates consciousness.

The entire Universe and original Creation is constructed of musical intervals and emotional interludes. What is commonly referred to as ‘The Big Bang’ is actually God’s Love Song – a cry of Joy that created all that is good.

Humankind is born to create – to reach into our senses and make our reality. If our eyes see beauty in all that we view we then create more beauty and we experience Love.

However, if we despise the color of another person’s skin, the sound of their hymns or chants, the choice of their lover – or the way they blow their nose – we create death and destruction in the world –  and in our personal lives.

The world is composed of thought-forms that effect this planet and all her creatures. Recently, global governments sent their emissaries to a conference devoted to the subject of climate control. So, how do we ‘control’ the climate of this planet? Perhaps by controlling Human behavior. And that cannot be done outside ones personal conscious decisions and attitudes. We cannot make someone else do the right thing – but we can choose compassionate expressions from ourselves.

We cannot make others stop violent behavior with threats, nor can we stop wars and killing with more war and more killing. There is no such thing as control. We cannot control the climate of this planet – but we can enhance it – enhance it by loving all we come in contact with. When we try to stand against something we collapse. But when we love what we come in contact with, admire the life in all things, the climate in the Human condition  is enhanced – and so is that of our planet.

Media news reporting often gets filled up with reports of frightening events that cause us to forget the many heroes that put the lives of others before personal safety – to forget those who are devoted to peace in absolute peaceful means.

Enhancement! That is the way to create a benevolent society – and a planetary climate that stimulates health and the well-being of all air breathing creatures, all waterways and the life dependent on the ebb and flow of pure water – and even the invisibles that dance in our dream-time.

Love yourself well! Focus on your personal inner-climate and let the central-sun of your heart enhance the lives of others! Write your book, paint your masterpiece, smile your precious smile, sing your love-song and let Love rule. This and only this will bring peace.

“Can this be enough,” you ask. Nations can fight wars but they can never win them. Only the tender heart, the outreached hand, the friendly gesture, and the smiling face can bring peace and plenty.

All life is in a constant exchange of energy. The relationship between trees and animals (including Humans) is a prime example of that relationship – animals exhale carbon dioxide – trees inhale it and exhale the oxygen that we need to stay alive. The same goes for emotional thought and action. If we want to create a climate beneficial to our planet and to the creatures she calls her children we must exhale Love and breathe in Wisdom.

The noise of war machines is not a part of God’s Love Song – but joyful laughter, mother’s lullabies and the sound of lover’s kisses are!

We cannot control the climate of this planet but we can we control personal attitudes and the negative sound of anger.

What we can do is this: Enhance this planet’s climate by exchanging good science, appreciation of our differences, praise rather than criticism and the realization that God made it all to please God!

Kaih Khristé King

The King’s Bridge website


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Long Ago

And Far Away!

Lately, news reports tell us there is deep concern relative to global warming and the unhealthy conditions of our oceans, our soils and our air. With the exception of India and China, politicians and the heads of global governments gathered in recognition of global conditions that are dangerous to Human health and expense to the well-being of this planet.

In the year 2006 I wrote a book entitled, Finding Peace Within The Storm. The book was written following my family’s mandatory evacuation of southern Louisiana due to hurricane Katrina. Actually we were required to evacuate three times in two years due to the threat of hurricanes.

This book tells a story about the mega-storms that are plaguing our planet. “We drill for oil and refine it into gasoline. We drive gas-guzzlers for personal use and fill up the tanks of war-machines – to control ever-increasing populations – and we call it good. In the areas where we rob the Earth of her blood (oil and other minerals) the soils become spongy and sink, while islands and outer banks that defuse hurricanes diminish and disappear. The results – continental lands and their populace take the full brunt of destructive storms.”

Finding Peace, tells about the dead-zone in the Gulf of Mexico, caused by extreme pollution of the Mississippi River – pollution caused by coal burning factories. Shameful and dangerous to the extreme. Let us remember this book was written before the oil spill in the gulf and Hurricane Sandy on the east coast. However, the information in Finding Peace is definitely pertinent to global warming and its information about the causes of mega-storms is valid and valuable.

The book also references an interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. following the publishing of his book Crimes against Nature (HarperCollins). In his book Kennedy speaks to issues related to the extreme pollution of our waterways. He claims it is unsafe to eat any freshwater fish caught in nineteen states – and that in forty-eight states some or most of the fish are unsafe.

While the powerhouses of this Earth gather to address Climate Control, NASA and India sent space ships to explore Mars. The big question of the day is, why is a planet that once was a water planet dry today and lacking life.

Some of you know I was blessed to experience a deep friendship with Hopi Grandfather White Bear. He made his transition years ago but I still feel his presence. There are numbers of times I am reminded about conversations we had together. He was a teacher to me and often said I would carry on the truth he spoke to me all that time ago.

I am reminded of what he said relative to the Planet Mars. “Mars was a Mother to us just as Earth is today. She provided bodies for the creatures Great Spirit created there. We were children of Her waters. Lush, green shorelines met fresh water seas, dancing rivers played at the edges of soft roiling hills and rainbows decorated Her aqua-blue skies.”

White Bear when on to say, “There came a time when Human creatures began to argue over who was most worthy. Selfishness replaced generosity – soon arguments became warfare. Humans built great machines devoted to destruction – the atmosphere of Mars became fiery – the populations of Mars and Her beautiful land and seascapes disappeared and the children of Mother Mars were no more.”

White Bear said the story about Superman was a truth the Old Ones know. Except for the part about the spaceship delivering the young ones. It was the Kachina’s (Katsinam) from the Worlds of Spirit who delivered those who were to enter the New World – the Earth.

Many times, White Bear warned about the destruction of the New World. He spoke of what we are seeing today. “Kaih, speak to to those who will listen. You will live to see the closing of the Fourth World and the ushering in of The Fifth World. Call to all who are sensitive to act on the wisdom of compassion. There are many who carry great gifts of science, communication, and benevolence – the time is now – reveal your gifts and act on them now!”

Kaih Khristé King

P.S. Finding Peace Within The Storm is colored with the history of the Louisiana Territory and its people. White Bear’s book; The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria – both books are available through Amazon and on our website through PayPal.

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The Door Of The Sun

Is opened to all!

I would like to introduce you to Michael Lightweaver – a friend for many years – and to Willaru Huayta. Michael is the host at the Mountain Light Sanctuary – an enchanted spiritual retreat center near Ashville, North Carolina.  Willaru recently spent three days at the Sanctuary as a Chasqui (messenger) for The Great White Brotherhood, expressing messages pertaining to these transitional times in which we live.

Willaru Huayta is a Quechua Indian from the Amazon and an Incan Spiritual Messenger from Cusco, Peru. Early in life he encountered many illuminated beings and learned esoteric wisdom during spiritual quests in the Amazon jungles.

The following is from an article he writes entitled The Awakening. “The door of the sun is opened for all. It shines upon all. All blood is the same color, the color of living fire. We are as flowers of different colors, different aromas. We are brothers and sisters of seven rays. After 2000 years, the sun is rising. Its rays bring health, purity and wisdom for the healing of all humanity. We live in a time of the fulfillment of prophecy.”

I am excited to bring you Willaru’s words of hope and oneness! Today, so many are fearful of global conditions and predictions of ‘The End.’ I am grateful to speak to you of New Beginnings.

A few years back I was given the privilege to assist in bringing Hopi Grandfather’s manuscript into book form and make it available. In this book, The History Of The Hopi From Their Origins In Lemuria, Hopi Grandfather White Bear speaks of the conclusion of The Fourth World – an ending of anxiety, separation and prejudice – and the entrance into The Fifth World – a time when Humanity realizes the qualities of life that Willaru is speaking of today.

The message that is expressed to me, by the Masters who guide me, is as follows. “The Human is a Sacred Child sent on many migrations – sent through the starry Universe – the quest: to experience it all – the pain of ignorance and the brilliance of Truth. To forget and to remember. To feel it all and to ultimately choose Love.”

I leave you with Willaru’s words of Wisdom. “After 2000 years, the sun is rising. Its rays bring health, purity and wisdom for the healing of all humanity. We live in a time of the fulfillment of prophecy.”

You can learn more about Willaru at Elders Without Borders – The Teachings of Willaru Huayta

And you may visit Michael Lightweaver at  Mountain Light Sanctuary

I will close with this reminder: The most potent weapons devoted to peace are a smile,  a pat on the back and the willingness to listen to another person’s opinion.

Kaih Khristé King

 The King’s Bridge website

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